Aaha Andhra

That Andhra taste, in a homely space 14th May 2018 Written by Eva D

Aaha Andhra is all about authentic Andhra cuisine and a joyful atmosphere. The Bellandur branch in Bangalore was designed by ACME Designers in an already existing building that required a very ingenious structural approach in oder to be converted in the space that is there today.

The restaurant welcomes you with its generous two floors, being able to accomodate over 100 people. The seating options are varied as are the types of spaces.

Aaha andhra chair
Aha andhra table

Outside, the verandah creates a minimalistic setting with its steel pergola and slim tables and chairs, against the grey background of the walls.

Inside, the furniture, the wall decorations and the floor tiles give the space a rustic feel while the lighting and bright painted walls add a modern touch.

Aaha andhra wide view

The spaces are divided in such a way that you can choose between different levels of privacy. Regardless if you are sitting 10 or 2 people at one table, you will still feel that coziness that reminds your of your own living room. The upper floor offers a delightful open terrace room with a wide view and lots of greenery.

Aaha andhra inside
Aaha andhra sitting

Well known for their vast range of biryanis with traditional Andhra tastes, this is the place to go with your whole office team or on big family outings.

Aaha andhra inside