Atomic 7

Redefine your love for ice-cream and look at chemistry labs in a new way. 16th April 2018 Written by Eva D

Looking for a tasty dessert that is trending on the ice-cream scene? Atomic 7 is an innovative ice-cream parlour in the area of Koramangala, Bangalore.

The concept of this place is preparing ice-cream in a chemistry laboratory setting. In this way, the whole idea behind it is displaying the ingredients in lab-like utensils and preparing the ice-cream in front of you. But the twist has yet to come! Liquid nitrogen, at a temperature of -320°, is used to freeze the ingredients instantaneously, avoiding the lengthy process of frosting. The liquid nitrogen evaporates right away, leaving behind the delicious, freshly made ice-cream.

Atomic ice cream parlour
Atomic koramangala

The space is small but cosy, with a capacity of accommodating 15 people. Some of the seats are laid out in a single row at counter-like tables, keeping the parlour spacious.

Atomic ice cream bar

Starting at street level, the attractive design of the sign and banner in the window will lure you inside, to further check out every detail – from the molecules on the walls to the test-tube containers used to store the flavours. Some of the other walls add to the fun, with black chalk-board like finishing and chalk art on them. The light blue, yellow and red colours give a fresh and lively feel to the whole concept and ambiance.

Atomic, Ice cream parlour bangalore

To sum it all up, this is your chance at a cool dessert, made in a unique way, to be served in a space evoking high-quality design and new trends.