Brooks and Bonds Brewery

An Insight Into The Elevation Design 2nd April 2018 Written by Harshita G

You must have already known about the most trending brewery: Brooks and Bonds, among the bustling area of Koramangala which is recognized for its nightlife. Inspired from the beer making process - the theme adopted is a Bio Chemical Factory, enriching the rustic ambiance in the interiors and expressing it to the exterior as well.

This blog gives you an insight of the brewery’s elevation which elaborates on the external components. Architectural elevation design is more than just pretty facades. For a project like Brooks and Bonds the front elevation becomes key for the brewery’s success. As it’s the first thing which the world sees when they drive by, on the way to their business or home. A sense of excitement is created for the passer-by to go inside and grab a chilled beer. ACME Designers strived to deliver the output in an inimitable way, with a play on the dimensioning of various components to give it an unique look.

The entrance of the building welcomes you with an extended flight of steps where the stickered logo acts as a carpet. A slow transition is created from the outside to the inside accustoming you to experience the rustic feel. Neon paints are used for false ceiling and for wall art to induce the feel of an industrial environment.

Brooks and bonds lounge
Lounge and bar brooks and bonds

The facade is meticulously detailed with brewery components which lure you inside. The fascia is decorated with exposed pipes running from the roof top till the first floor with illuminated lights terminating at the end. Two circular portions are carved out representing the barrels which is a significant component of antique brewery. The logo is inscribed within the circular portion which is a perfect way of marketing itself. The edges of the building are highlighted by the ladder paired up with a bold significant crane which recites the brewery’s name: BROOKS and BONDS soaring at its peak. Other industrial junks such as speedometer, gauge, rivets, wheels etc are used to ornament the fascia.

We at ACME constantly endeavour to succeed every project with a unique concept and design. As a team we strive to reach our goal by not just designing places but to but flaunt them in an unique manner. One such destination on the grounds is non other than Brooks and Bonds. See you there, to get connected!