Brooks and Bonds Brewery

A Look At The Interior Design 15th March 2018 Written by Yashika Gulati & Navdita Agarwal

Just take a look at the map of Bangalore. You will have no difficulty in spotting the bustling area -Koramangala – an area that has earned a prime spot in the city’s ever-changing nightlife tapestry. Located right in the middle of this vibrant part, is a hub for beer lovers in the form of a most exquisite microbrewery: Brooks and Bonds.

Inspired from the beer making process itself – the theme adopted for the interiors was that of a Bio-Chemical factory. The old industrial theme speaks for itself, giving rise to an ambiance like none other. It transforms one into an unfamiliar setting with its rustic décor, achieved by using everything from factory junk to construction equipment, giving users a unique experience.

Brooks and bonds lounge
Brooks and bonds lounge bar

The whole place is embellished with all that is considered scrap: like metal plates, gauge, meters, wheels, pipes, exhaust fans, carefully curated by our team and paired with complimenting furnishing to bring the theme to life. Rustic tile flooring has been adopted to enhance the authenticity of the design.

Each floor has a unique bar counter design. In the first floor of the establishment the periodic table forms the central theme for the bar back. In the second floor a system of pipes and pressure gauges form a shelf system for storing and displaying the liquor bottles. The next floor boasts miniature metal staircases that flaunt the bottles in an inimitable manner.

The much-coveted outdoor seating zone is an equally appealing area- giving a perfect view of the city’s skyline against the varying hues of the Bangalore sky. The weather proof customized lamps, the furniture, the dispense bar units have a raw feel that blend with the breweries environment perfectly.

Our design does not address only interior requirements. The façade of the building in which the microbrewery is housed has also been especially designed to reflect the Industrial Factory theme.

We at ACME strive to deliver the most singular and innovative concepts to every project, and the goal is to work on each and every minute detail, to achieve an unparalleled end product.