Frozen Bottle

A light milkshake in a busy city square. 30th April 2018 Written by Eva D

If you have a craving for a quirky milkshake, Bangalore is the place where you can stop by in any of the 6 Frozen Bottle outlets to try this new milshake concept.

The idea behind it is a take away bottle of milshake, offered in an innovatively designed parlor, courtesy of ACME Designers. The bottles are kept inside a freezer before being filled with the drink of choice, thus creating the name for the brand. You can choose from the wide array of milkshakes both modern and retro, or you can also make your own shakes or jar ice creams. The glass bottles are available primarily in two sizes, small or large.

Frozen bottle ice cream parlour
Milkshake take away
Milk shake frozen bottle

The shack uses its own bottles to decorate the inside space, you can find them either filled with yummy colourful flavours or lit up and hagining by the ceiling.

The design uses materials such as wood, metal and apparent bricks blended in a unique way that recreates the industrial feel of the dairy industry. During the evening the place is beautifully lit up displaying a creative variety of lighting fixtures, from plain light bulbs to bottle luminaires to full-fledged spotlights.

Even though the seating space has been reduced to minimum if any at all, reinforcing the concept of take-away, the parlor tends to create a pleasant crowd around it, a great atmosphere to socialize and indulge in each own’s sweet craving.

If we’ve already awakened your curiosity you should definitely go out and give this a try in any of the branches you will find in: Koramangala, HSR Layout, Indiranagar, Jayanagar, Infantry Road, Banashankari.