"Scooping Memories" November 2019 Written by Apeksha

Looking for a place with ice creams that resemble your childhood dreams? Have a look at this new ice cream parlor in Koramangala, Bangalore. This parlor can be that place where you can release that child within you, in this bright, colorful and playful atmosphere.

Gudbud Entrance
Gudbud ambience

With a pastel color scheme, the project was designed to create an ambience of an Ice Cream Town Square, with small and quaint chairs and tables in a bright and colorful setting. Pastel shades like baby pink, powder blue and few more colors from a similar color pallet, sets a lively vibe.

Approaching the parlor, you can see the bright color scheme in the entry way with a few outdoor seatings alongside a planter wall. The opposite facing wall has illustrations of cute houses imitating a neighborhood. And when you enter inside, the mini neighborhood continues, even on the walls across, because of the huge mirrors, making the entry passage seem wider than it actually is.

Gudbud outside sitting
Gudbbud counter

The counter is kept simple, with different color texture paint splashes running behind a grill, allowing you to look over their ice cream collection through the display. The light pink wall behind the counter has a white band showcasing their brand name with splashes of pastel colors.

Gudbud counter front
Gudbbud counter side

The metal furniture is minimalistic style in different pastel shades, which helps in creating the desired ambience. The wooden board patterned floor and lighting from the spot ceiling lights bring warmth into the space.

Gudbud furniture
Gudbbud interiror

For the d├ęcor, you can see some fun and cool quotes framed to the wall. Clouds, made of cardstock, hang around in different places, adding to the childlike atmosphere. Metal framework become shelves where there are jars filled with sugary treats. Yes, all of those are edible!

Gudbud decoration
Gudbbud decoration

So, go ahead and treat the child within you in this bright and pastel land, with their delicious dessert menu. For some added bonus fun, they have a couple of board games too! You can never get bored in this ice cream land.