Hakuna Matata Kolkata

The theme of the space is centered around the theme of what drives youth culture 7th April 2018 Written by Navdita Agarwal Edited by Eva D

Located opposite the Oxford Bookstore on Park Street Kolkata, the restaurant opened its doors in 2016.

The theme of the space is centered around the theme of what drives youth culture-the place has an energetic ambience that brings the Swahili motto to life by reflecting the youthful dreams, aspirations, and spirit of travel and adventure. “Hakuna Matata stands for more than just food. It endeavours to provide a whole new culinary experience to people, with a pinch of adventure and a dash of fun” says the husband-wife duo of Pallavi Ruia and Prabhas Dutta who own the place.

As soon as you enter you see an art installation – sculptures- of three explorers who are out to discover new places, ready with their backpacks- made by the renowned artist Chhatrapati Dutta- suspended from the ceiling. This particular sculpture captures a

Hakuna matata
Hakuna Matata longshot

precise moment when the explorers have just slipped while climbing and are suspended upside down. The torches they carry have been modified to become light fixtures to illuminate the restaurant..

The restaurant is divided over two sections - the ground floor: the main dining area, and the mezzanine floor: which is usually kept for parties. The wooden tables, chairs and couches and metal chairs add a classy look to the restaurant. The interior of the restau-rant is done up with a combination of bright yellow and earthy brown tones, which balance each other.

Hakuna Matata longshot
Hakuna Matata longshot

On one side of the restaurant is a wall cladded with angular pieces of mirror, which help the restaurant look double its size, and also add up to form a backdrop. The other side is covered by a ‘wish tree’, to induce customer interaction- where the customers write up their wishes on a small coloured paper and stick it on the wall mural of the tree to get them fulfilled.
The kitchen and Bar counter are done in the form of a wooden cart and a unique touch to the space. The ceiling of the Bar are features a light fixture made of inverted wine glasses.

A visit to the Hakuna Matata restaurant in Kolkata is the willingness to embark on an adventure all together, the choice to have fun an enjoy life for what it