WHEN TREES MEET BUILDING 10th April 2019 Written by Sri Harsha .D.s

Sigmis – Beer brewery will be a new Prime spot in the city’s night-life at South west of Bangalore, located beside the Meenakshi mall, Hulimavu, Bangalore.

Sigmis – Beer brewery will be a new Prime spot in the city’s night-life at South west of Bangalore, located beside the Meenakshi mall, Hulimavu, Bangalore. The project plot was occupied with contours, trees and few existing structures. Our chief Ar. Sunita Reddy designed in such a way that no mature and healthy trees were removed, and the zones were divided with reverence to the contours, resulting in an open-stepped seating and dinning zones with different levels, with the concept being “Breathing Architecture”. Being an Architect is not just designing some space or building, it’s our duty to save the nature around us too. We should know the importance of trees in urban space like Bangalore and other metropolitan city. For many year trees canopy in our urban areas has been decreasing and large mature trees are being replaced with small species. A mature tree can absorb up to 150 kg of CO2 per year. As a result, trees play an important role in climate change mitigation. Especially in cities with high levels of pollution, trees can improve air quality, making cities healthier places to live in. With every 10% increase in urban tree canopy, ozone is reduced by 3-7%. Planting trees remains one of the most cost-effective ways of reducing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Most importantly it reduces the overall temperature of the place. Planning urban landscapes with trees can increase property value, by up to 20 percent and attract tourism as well as business.

Similarly, in this project our team made sure to retain as many trees as possible and every dinning zone will have its own green space resulting in proving greenery around t he brewery which has added to its aesthetic value. The main entrance of the brewery had a huge mature tree & instead of removing it, Ar. Suman Yadav suggested to use the tree as a design element by adding themebased lights & providing valet parking services.

The water body in front of the restaurant is designed with respect to the existing trees position and all the trees are covered with brick bunds, only at the surface, in order to allow the water to penetrate the soil below. In our design, we have tried to retain as many as trees we can. For example, in dinning zone -4, the tree trunk was divided into two and it was

Trees covering is also given differently in order to avoid the cutting of tree. Since, the open seating area is covered with the trees and plants at the peripheral, the entire area gets ample amount of shade & creates a cooling space in the day time. Similarly, we had to ext

Similarly, we had to extend the storage space at kitchen as per client’s decision, but one tree was in between the storage area. The client wanted to remove that tree but I didn’t allow the client to cut the tree, instead gave a solution, without compromising the design and the tree. I just created a U-shaped wall around the tree so that the space is not reduced & at the same time the tree will not be removed. “Being an Architect is not only about signature, it’s about Sign-the-Nature”. We at ACME Designers constantly endeavor to succeed every project with a unique concept and design. As a team we strive to reach our goal of creating a unique, i nnovative design by detailing even the miniature element in our projects. We Acme team did our duty to save the trees and planted a lot more. What about you???