Sudhir Doki Residence

A unique home to be enjoyed and celebrated by the owners. 5th June 2018 Written by Written by Eva D

The design we are showcasing today as part of our “dream homes” series is a 1500 sqft 3 bedroom apartment with a a hall, kitchen and dinning area..

One of the things we want to highlight about this design is the living space. With emer-ald green curtains creating the effect of a higher than usual room, the hall is perceived as more spacious due to small but effective design touches.

All of the furniture, apart from the tables and armchairs are attached to the walls. Where possible, the furniture takes up the whole length of the wall, to give a feeling of depth towards the window opening.

Sudhir Doki living room
Sudhir doki bed room

Touches of the same emerald green as the curtains have been added to the living room walls, the cushions, the carpet, creating a unitary look. The ceiling treatment is special with a play on surfaces and lights. The fixtures vary from central lighting to spot lighting. Overall, the choice for chromatics and the furniture creates an elegant living area with a pleasant ambiance.

The 3 bedrooms come each with it’s own style and atmosphere. The master bedroom is sumptuous with upholstery work that takes up the full height of the wall, creating a frame for the double bed. The bedroom facing north is luxurious, with royal motif tapestry, a golden pattern deco-rating the wardrobe and a magical corner window hidden by light-silver curtains. The south facing bedroom has a more casual theme, with light coloured walls, flooring and furniture, highlights of dark essence wood and warm lighting. Natural light is abun- dant, with a spacious balcony attached. The cosiness of the room is complete with a small desk and bookshelf.

A unique home to be enjoyed and celebrated by the owners.

Sudhir Doki bed room
Sudhir Doki