Tipsy Bull Pub in Indiranagar Bangalore

Let’s have a look at the space that all this bustle is taking place in! 7th April 2018 Written by Eva

Many of you must have already heard about Tipsy Bull by now, it has been around, blowing people’s minds since 2016. When this resto-bar opened its doors it was one of a kind in Bangalore, with its bar-exchange concept. Yes, bar-exchange - the unique selling point of this place is the fluctuating prices of drinks based on their demand and supply. When there is a higher demand for a particular drink, its price goes up, while the cost of the one which is in lesser demand goes down, making it a process which is interactive and fun for the clients.

Let’s have a look at the space that all this bustle is taking place in! Layered on 3 floors, the planning induces quick servicing and billing, to keep up with the fast changing theme of fluctuating prices. To support this speedy process, there are 7 zones named after prominent stock market locations like Dalal Street, Wall Street, King Street etc.

TIpsy bull ceiling
Tipsy bull bar

There has been a lot of attention being put into the details, in order to achieve a space with a theme that is present in a subtle way, without being too loud and overpowering. The customers should enjoy their time, without finding themselves too distracted from the main agenda, the food, the service and the experience.

TIpsy bull indiranagar
Tipsy bull pub

The space uses glass partitions and mezzanine levels to create a indoor-outdoor continuity. The design conjures images of stock markets with dramatic details like the metal bull, world clocks, stock price tickers and currency bars among the many.

TIpsy bull bar counter
Tipsy bull stair

The much-coveted outdoor seating zone is an equally appealing area- giving a perfect view of the city’s skyline against the varying hues of the Bangalore sky. The weather proof customized lamps, the furniture, the dispense bar units have a raw feel that blend with the breweries environment perfectly.

It’s been a fun journey for us at ACME Designers, to deliver this project, and, to keep you enticed for more, we have a new Tipsy Bull that we are working on, which will be opening in JP Nagar. Keeping you posted with more on this note very soon!